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Pedisa Spa Center is an organization that started in 2004. A team composed of professionals in health and beauty will serve you in an efficient and positive way. Our goal is to offer you a unique experience of relaxing. This way, you will increase your physical and mental well-being. You will definitely become a more productive and a happier person.

We are living times when work has become an important aspect in our lives. But human beings have forgotten the importance to give their body and brain some rest. That is why Pedisa Spa is waiting for you because we know that you need to take a break. Let us pamper you. You deserve it!

We offer you:


Our knowledge and experience in health, beauty, and constant technological innovation allow us to offer a service that meets the needs of our clients.


A policy of respect between our employees and from employees to customers is what creates a harmonious, relaxing atmosphere that continuously improves.


Professional ethics is our priority. The services we offer each client are confidential.

Do not forget our:


We know that the way we operate our business has a great impact on our community. The trust of our customers depends on how we fulfill our customers' needs. Therefore, we are strictly committed to our schedules and obligations as a Spa.


We think it is essential to not give our customers false expectations. For that reason, our advertisement always showcases the real results of our work and descriptions that do not overstate our reach.

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